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Looking for a fun, daily challenge? Try Wordle! This free online game combines the classic brain teasers Word Puzzle and Mastermind into one cool puzzle. You can only play once a day, so make the most of your chance to solve the daily puzzle. Your goal is to guess a five-letter word by filling in the rows with existing words while paying attention to the hints. To start, type in a five-letter word and hit Enter. The hints will appear, showing you where you stand. A gray square means the letter is not part of the target word, while a yellow square shows that the letter is in the word, but not in the right position. Green squares indicate that you've got a letter in the right spot. Take your time and use the hints wisely to tackle each daily challenge. Enjoy playing Wordle, available for free on Greatmathgame.com! Controls: Mouse / Keyboard

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