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As an assistant, allow me to rephrase the given passage for you: To solve the puzzle, you need to guess the letters of the secret word. You can click or type on your keyboard to make a guess. Each correct letter earns you points. If you solve the word, you'll get points for your speed and the number of balloons left. To win the game, get the highest total score after 5 rounds and earn a trophy. Quick play lets you jump right in, while a private match lets you play with friends. You can share the URL by pressing the copy button. During the game, clicking on your avatar brings up the customize menu. Here are some Hangman tips and strategies: Start with vowels as there are only five, and they can often give you a head start. The phrase "Etaoin shrdlu" lists the most commonly used letters in the English language - use this list after trying vowels. Break down phrases when guessing - focus on each word, not just individual letters. Don't forget the rare letters, such as J and Z, but hold off from guessing them at the beginning. Learning the common and difficult words used in Hangman can help improve your gameplay.

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